Our passion behind barbecue involves sourcing meats and produce locally from our bountiful Willamette Valley and Surrounding areas. We’re proud to be connected with our local farmers that provide us with the best meats and vegetables they can grow. Sustainability and responsible farming practices are very important to us. We strive to source humanely treated livestock, and sustainably grown produce for our day to day operations.

Our meats are smoked low and slow over Oregon white oak in our Johnson Smoker Reverse Flow T-Pit. The reverse flow of smoke allows the meats to create a thick layer of bark and flavor profile without compromising juiciness and overall texture. We pride ourselves on using primitive techniques of cooking to achieve award winning barbecue. After one bite, you will see why we stand above the rest.

True Texas craft barbecue traditions were brought to central Texas by German and Czech settlers during the mid-19th century. The original tradition was that butchers would smoke leftover meat so that it could be stored and saved. Using simple ingredients such as salt, pepper, smoke and time was all that they needed to create such an outstanding product. As these smoked leftovers became popular among the migrants in the area, many of these former meat markets evolved to specialize in smoked meats. Thus many butcher shops evolved into well-known barbecue establishments. Here at Against the Grain Barbecue, we keep these same traditions alive by using high quality meats smoked low and slow over Oregon white oak.