How do I know when you are sold out?

Follow us on Facebook, we post “sold out” the moment we are out of food to sell.

Can I order on delivery apps?

Due to staff size, we do not offer third party delivery services.

Can I call an order in?

There are only two of us working in the food truck due to space and we do not have time to answer calls during open hours.

Do you offer online ordering for pick up?

We cannot offer that at this time and still be fair to our in-person orders.

Is there any way to reserve food or buy in bulk?

We do not offer pre-orders, but we do not limit the amount of food you can purchase.

Do you take credit cards/cash?

We take both, along with Apple pay.

Do you have daily specials?

We offer new and exciting menu options daily.

How often do you sell out?

Nearly every day. Due to the popularity of some of our food items and not limiting quantity, some items sell out quickly.

Is there a limit on take out orders?

There is not, however you’ll have to answer to the rest of the customers in line, so order wisely.

Do you offer vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free options?

We do not offer any vegan or gluten free options, but some of our sides are vegetarian.

Is there a kids menu?

No, all items are sold by weight.

What are your hours?

Tuesday through Friday: 11:30 until we sell out of food. Typically Thursday is our busiest day because its brisket day. If you choose to come that day, give yourself plenty of time.

How much parking is available?

We are located in a parking lot, there is always parking available.

Where do you get your meat?

We buy our meat locally from Childers Meat Co., Long’s Meat Market, and Costco Wholesale.

How big are your smokers?

We have a 1,000 gallon Harper BBQ pit and a 500 gallon Johnson Smoker T-Pit.

Where do you source your other (non-meat) ingredients?

We source all ingredients locally, from the Pacific Northwest. All of our dairy comes from Darigold (Washington) and Tillamook Creamery (Oregon). Some of the vegetables are grown by the owner, Mark.

Do you compete in BBQ competitions?

We have competed in two BBQ competitions. In 2018, we took Grand Champion in pork ribs at the Forest Grove, Oregon BBQ competition. Also in 2018, we took first place in beef and Best in Show at the Eugene Beats and BBQ competition.

What kind of wood do you use?

We strictly use Oregon White Oak.

Are you kid/pet friendly?

BBQ is all about the family! We allow both, with proper supervision

Why don't we cook more?

We have limited space in our food truck and our pit holds only so much.